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Thanks for booking an interview with Authentically Successful; Founders and CXO’s on the Journey from Start-up to Success. I look forward to our interview.

As the creator of the Authentically Successful podcast and the Founder & CEO of Vertical Elevation, my job is to help you create an amazing experience for our audience across all our platforms. This numbers more than 2.4K fans and growing. We’ll be creating full videos for YouTube, video snippets for the socials, and the podcast itself. 

I want to make sure you look & sound great, create lots of new business for yourself, and have a lasting impact on my audience – and yours.  

I’ll be emailing you five videos (plus the one below) and resources that will help you increase the impact of your podcast guest appearance.

  1. Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.
  2. Important audio and video tips!
  3. How to sell effectively to my audience. 
  4. Authentic success and the value of ongoing learning.
  5. How to double your impact + What questions we will ask you.

I can speak from experience. Being a guest on podcasts can be life-changing. We have a social media team but do zero advertising and my commitment is to serve the audience. This philosophy helps me serve my clients, by helping leaders shift their recruiting and hiring process to incorporate the company’s core values and culture.  I also provide leaders with the tools they need to grow their leadership skills, careers, and provide that same support to their team members.

Creator and Host,

Carol Schultz