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If you don’t fix the core issues in your company, it will cost you

When you founded your company or joined the executive team, you had dreams of building a successful, thriving business with talented team members working together toward a shared vision. But when you look around the company now, it’s not running like you imagined it would.

Departments are growing out of alignment – causing friction and eventually leading to turnover of key positions. The executive team has different ideas of what should be done first, while team members are frustrated with the mounting workload every time someone else leaves. The company is losing money and time.

You start focusing on replacing the open positions and naturally turn to recruiting. The problem is, if you haven’t created a talent-centric organization, then turnover becomes a never-ending battle. Recruiting is just a band-aid that never addresses the underlying problems. You have to get to the core issues that you may not even recognize yet.

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With Vertical Elevation, you’ll get expert leadership coaching and strategic planning that will transform your company.

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We’ll get to know your goals and make sure we’re the right fit

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We’ll get to know your goals and make sure we’re the right fit

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After nearly 30 years working with hundreds of start-ups and large companies, we’ve witnessed just about every mistake it’s possible to make, so we’ve built a process that we customize to your needs and requirements, to help you avoid costly mistakes and get your business into alignment. Though our depth of experience is in the tech sector, our process is industry-agnostic. We could be a fit for you, even if you’re not in high tech. Schedule a discovery call to find out.


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We understand how frustrating it can be when your company isn’t running like you want it to and key employees keep leaving. You can’t put your finger on exactly what it is, but something’s not right. And the stress (and workload) keeps increasing for everyone involved when you have to replace key members of your team, but you can’t find the right fit.

We’ve seen the negative impact caused by “run-of-the-mill” recruiters or “just-got-my-certificate” coaches. Rather than reactively losing millions of dollars every time another key employee leaves, we’ll help you proactively create a talent-centric organization that allows you to build the team you need so you can focus on increasing profits and doing great work.

It starts with leadership and the powerful work accomplished by executive coaching and strategic planning with Vertical Elevation. This isn’t a woo woo, feel-good counseling session. This is real, straight shooting, ask questions until we get to the root cause type of work. This is 30 years of experience and insight working with you to discover blind spots and illuminate answers you didn’t even know were there.

What are blind spots?

Often, company leaders – though incredibly smart and talented – are operating with blind spots that hinder progress. Unless a trusted source helps you discover the blind spots, the same problems continue to happen over and over, leading to decline and ultimately costing your company too much money.

Once we uncover the blind spots, we can put strategies in place to prevent them from limiting you and your business.

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Build a Talent-Centric Organization

Our custom roadmaps align an organization’s talent strategy with its business strategy and values

Career Coaching

Our proprietary career coaching solution guides individuals through navigating a highly fluid and unpredictable employment environment.

Executive Leadership Coaching

We combine professional development with personal development to help people become better leaders and employees.

Women Ascending

Three 6-month leadership cohorts for emerging, mid-level, and executive female leaders.

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5 Mistakes CEOs Make When Developing a Leadership Team

Bringing together the ideal leadership team is your top priority as your organization’s founder and/or CEO. You know that the top is where the tone is set for the entire system. The leading executives establish the protocols, rules, and vision. Employees are more likely to follow a united team. If there is a failure to bring on the right people, the negative repercussions will be felt throughout the company.