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You can build a well-oiled organization that is wildly profitable, completely positive, and a magnet for talent.

At Vertical Elevation, we call this a Talent-Centric Organization, or TCO.

Your organization can be centered on a lot of different things, but talent is the one that matters. Anything else, and you’ll deal with constant recruitment issues, product failure, talent loss, and everything that comes with building an ineffective team. A TCO exists to fulfill a purpose, and all of its activities are human-centered.

Whatever problem you think you have, the solution starts by getting your strategy right. That’s what we’ll do together.

Too often, businesses focus heavily on search and end up hiring people who match surface-level criteria but aren’t in true alignment with the company vision. This is not the most effective way to build a talent strategy. You have to be purposeful about the human experience. You have to design it into the fabric of your company. When you do, the return is huge.

Vertical Elevation helps you build a successful talent strategy so you can identify and pursue the most remarkable candidates for your organization, exponentially increasing your probability of obtaining them.

We’ll use customized tools to analyze what’s working effectively in your search tactics, and what’s not. Then, we offer training on a process that works. The result? Your business is on its way to being the one that amazing people want to work for.

Build a stronger, more committed team in three steps:

1. Align your leadership

Run each executive team member through the discovery process and get them into alignment with the company vision


2. Build a talent strategy that supports the business strategy

Imagine being the leader of a business where employees are clear on their roles and take responsibility for what they do. By analyzing your recruiting methods and reframing your approach to talent acquisition, we help you land the most capable team members and foster loyalty to your organization. 


3. Achieve your company’s goals with a healthy, talent-centric organization

By hiring and retaining candidates who have the right skill set, cultural fit, and corporate vision, your business will experience a greater sense of stability and unity as you and your team work together toward a shared vision of success.


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