Two 6-Month Programs for Emerging & Mid-level Executives



Are you a female executive who is READY to accelerate your leadership potential and take control of your future?


With Women Ascending, we know your leadership success depends on you.  We give you the tools to recognize who you are, identify where you want to go as a leader, and create the plan to get there.


Take the next step in your leadership journey…

What if you had a group of peers, experienced coaches, and a secure environment to support your leadership goals? You will:

  • Amplify confidence in your ability to succeed

  • Learn what makes you tick and how others view you in your work environment

  • Confront obstacles that are in the way of effectively leading yourself and your team

  • Experience major shifts that support where you want to be in your career and life

“We know from experience that being a true leader can be challenging in today’s world. For women leaders to succeed in an increasingly competitive workplace, you must tune into your unique leadership strengths and presence within the workplace. When this happens, your true leadership can begin.” Carol Schultz and Lyn Ciocca McCaleb, co-founders, Women Ascending

About Women Ascending

 Women Ascending creates a stimulating and safe environment for you to explore your career and leadership goals. It’s a place where you’ll be able to receive honest feedback, explore who you are, and make sustained and lifelong changes. Together, we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your growth trajectory, taking you to the next levels in your career development.

Through the program, you will:

Gain clarity on your vision and the kind of leader you’d like to be

Identify and challenge your unproductive beliefs and manage their influence over you

Develop goals and build a plan to emerge as a confident and powerful leader

Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be!


We are offering two leadership tracks for emerging and mid-level executives who are committed to embracing their leadership potential in a supportive community of like-minded women.

1. Emerging leaders are in their first or second management role with at least 3 direct reports.

2. Mid-level executive leaders have ten years or more of management experience including second-line responsibilities.

Are you ready to create meaningful and sustainable changes, explore who you are as a leader, and step into your very own leadership style?

How will Women Ascending help accelerate your leadership journey?

  • Better understand your strengths, weaknesses, and what it truly takes to lead yourself and others

  • Stop being looked over and start being looked at for promotions and opportunities

  • Progress towards your career goals with a team of ambitious career women with whom you will collaborate to keep you accountable and provide support

  • Learn how to narrow the gap between your dream leadership role and your current position

  • Claim your voice within your organization and influence how others perceive you

  • Discover what it takes to become a valued and influential leader within your company and industry


What you’ll get

Peer Cohort Virtual Sessions

2 per month, 90 minutes each, to provide content, experiential learning, and issue processing

1:1 Leadership Coaching

90 minutes per month in which you will receive personalized coaching and support

Peer Partner Meetings

Weekly, to practice, create accountability, and ensure your success


Leadership Assessments

Leadership Circle 360 and Emergenetics®  to understand your individual profile and discover coworkers’ perceptions

Peer Community Forum

Connect with your peers during the program and beyond to establish continuity and maintain your progress

With Women Ascending you’ll be surrounded by like-minded executives and coaches who will share in your challenges and will celebrate your successes!

Is Women Ascending for you?


Women Ascending is for you if: Women Ascending is not for you if:
👍 You are committed to doing the work and showing up for the program, your peers, and your coaches on a consistent basis. 👎 You don’t feel you can do the work it takes to transform and are unable to set aside 7 to 10 hours a month.
👍 You’re excited to grow, shift, and begin to transform into the leader you’ve always known you have the potential to become. 👎 You’re not willing to show up, take risks, expose your underbelly, or leap into the unknown. You’re happy within your comfort zone and don’t want to step out!
👍 You’re curious to learn what’s getting in your way, which limiting beliefs are holding you back, and what you can do to build more confidence. 👎 You’re completely satisfied with who you are, where you are, and where you’re going.
👍 You’re looking forward to developing stronger and more effective relationships with your reports, your peers, your bosses, and other stakeholders. 👎 You’re reluctant to show up differently within your workplace and among your peers. What might they think of you?

Program Overview

Month 1: Connecting with you – Explore and develop the relationship with yourself

  • Begin mapping your vision to re-imagine your goals and leadership trajectory

  • Clarify what you want to create as a leader so that you realize your potential

  • Learn how you operate in your world and understand your impact on others

  • Identify your strengths and limiting beliefs and start addressing negative internal stories

  • Initiate the Leadership Circle 360 to assess your self-perceptions against others’ perceptions of you

Month 2: Connecting with your peers - Practice the art of establishing trust and openness

  • Learn more about who you are and how others perceive you

  • Collaborate with your peers within a safe and nurturing environment

  • Develop your ability to be open and begin to show up and perform as your true self

  • Explore how you relate to power and how it can work in your favor and to the advantage of all

  • Practice giving and receiving feedback in a courageous and authentic way

Month 3: Connecting with your team - Refine your management and leadership approach

  • Learn to lead by more effectively using your head and heart as a team leader and a team player

  • Develop your ability to bring out the best in others to create and nourish your dream team

  • Recognize the breadth of your leadership qualities and learn how (and when!) to use them to benefit your team’s performance

  • Operate from a place of curiosity vs knowing, so that your intent and impact are aligned

Month 4: Connecting up and laterally - Engage with other influencers who can help you succeed

  • Develop optimal working relationships with those who aren’t direct reports

  • Learn how to ask for feedback and what you need

  • Refine your approach and continue to shift perceptions within your workplace

  • Learn to create meaningful connections with influencers in your company and industry

  • Begin to cultivate mentors who can support your leadership growth and opportunities

Month 5: Connecting all the dots - Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • Continue identifying blind spots and how to address them with the support of your peers and coaches

  • Revisit program goals and determine any areas needing more focus based on your results and progress

  • Establish your support structures and leverage your community to keep up momentum and accountability

  • Devise your plan for exiting the program and prepare to apply your new skills on an ongoing basis

Month 6: Connecting with your vision - Embody your leadership potential

  • Step into your new way of being a leader within your work environment and community

  • Strengthen your relationship with your cohort peers as you prepare to leave the program

  • Accelerate your leadership journey and refine your plan to attain your career goals with the support of your coaches

  • Celebrate the challenges, successes, and transformation experienced during the program

Our Approach

At the heart of our work and based on several decades of our executive coaching expertise are six guiding principles that will help you succeed as an emerging or mid-level executive.

  1. Building Trust with yourself and with others
  • Openness to being your genuine self
  • Feeling safe to express challenges and concerns
  • Keeping your voice of judgment at bay
  • Recognizing self-limiting beliefs

2. Accepting Challenges

  • Embracing discomfort
  • Addressing challenges head-on
  • Learning from mistakes and failures
  • Managing your circumstances

3. Fostering Commitments

  • Being in integrity
  • Keeping agreements
  • Addressing broken agreements
  1. Expanding Communications
  • Giving and receiving productive feedback
  • Communicating adeptly across a range of situations
  • Aligning intent and impact

5. Welcoming Growth

  • Willingness to not know
  • Recognizing the process is ongoing
  • Inviting change into your journey as an executive
  1. Embracing your Leadership Goals
  • Empowering yourself and others
  • Acknowledging your highest potential
  • Leading from (and to) your vision and purpose

Frequently asked Questions

How is this program different compared to other leadership programs?

We have carefully curated this program to admit women who will participate full-heartedly, maximizing their own growth while supporting each other’s progress over the course of the program. This program features a hybrid approach, with support from peers and experienced executive coaches. Our aim is to provide you with an opportunity to explore and discover yourself and your leadership journey in an environment that nourishes growth and development. This is a unique opportunity to both give and receive, among a community of peers who face similar leadership challenges and share similar goals.

Why are the assessments, The Leadership Circle 360 and Emergenetics®, an integral part of the program?

Since we are personalizing each leadership plan, we feel it is most appropriate for each participant to take the two assessments that provide state-of-the-art information about who they are, how they perceive themselves, and how they are perceived by others.

Emergenetics® provides Thinking (Analytical, Structural, Social, and Conceptual) Preferences as well as Behavioral Preferences (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) to help each participant know herself more deeply.  Emergenetics also emphasizes the importance of cognitive diversity within teams so that team members can learn to treat others as they want to be treated.  The Leadership Circle is a 360 assessment that compares leaders’ self-perceptions to the perceptions of their co-workers, from bosses to direct reports.  It not only brings to life creative leadership competencies and reactive tendencies but also shows their direct impact on a leader’s ability to succeed.

We will be happy to take into consideration any other assessments our participants have completed as we create each leadership plan.

What if I just have a few questions about the program?

You are welcome to book an informational call so we can answer your questions.

What are the next steps after I send in my application?

Once you send in your application to the program, we will contact you within 3 business days for a more in-depth interview. Once all candidates are interviewed, we will select 8-10 women who bring the most effective and synergistic composition to each group. If you are not included in the cohort you’ve applied to, we will reconnect with you about participating in our next group. 

Are there particular types of jobs or industries our programs are best suited for?

There are no particular types of jobs that are best suited for our programs. You just need to be an emerging leader or mid-level executive with the level of leadership experience and number of direct reports mentioned above. We especially encourage those of you in public or private companies such as tech, manufacturing, finance, and insurance to attend, as those industries still have the reputation of having glass ceilings. If you aren’t sure if your industry is a fit, reach out and book a call to explore this further.

Why do I need this program if I’m already leading a successful career as an executive?

It’s great that you’re on a career path you’re happy with! However, one thing we have learned in our 4 decades of combined coaching is that we all have blind spots, and these can lead to sabotaging or even derailing your career as an executive. Because of the 360-degree nature of this program, you’ll be sure not to miss anything critical. Furthermore, you’ll develop a crucial support network of other executives to help encourage and empower you through the years ahead.

What if I’m looking for a new job?

This program is designed for people who are already on a career path as an executive or emerging leader. To gain the most from this program, it’s important that you are in a position to practice what you’re learning in an established environment rather than in a job that you’re planning to leave. If you are actively looking for a new job you would be better served scheduling an informational call with Carol to explore 1-1 executive career coaching.  

About Carol & Lyn


Carol Schultz is a talent equity and leadership advisory expert and Founder and CEO at Vertical Elevation.  A recognized expert in corporate leadership, Carol has spent nearly three decades helping executives gain clarity in their careers, creating a culture of performance for their teams, and making bold leadership moves. A firm believer in supporting female executives to become more confident leaders, she has advised countless individuals and companies from Seed stage pre-IPOs to publicly traded companies.

As the co-creator of Women Ascending, Carol is committed to helping female executives make much-needed leadership progress and start moving the needle within their organizations. Carol holds a BS degree from the University of Montana and an MS degree from the University of Michigan.

She spends much of her free time riding her Rocky Mountain Horses, working in her garden, and enjoying the many outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. Carol is a foster mom for Animal Rescue of the Rockies and is the parent of a rescued Australian Cattle Dog mix and a small herd of rescued cats.


Lyn Ciocca McCaleb is a certified coach and advisor to startups, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Her approach to coaching is intuitive and results-oriented, based on a leadership background spanning over 35 years. Lyn trained in Integral Coaching at New Ventures West and holds a PCC certification with the International Coaching Federation. She also served as a Vistage Chair, leading a peer group of CEOs from companies ranging in size from $5 to $50 million. As a former executive, Lyn rose from Product Manager to Vice President at a Fortune 100 company and has held several other VP positions.

As the co-creator of Women Ascending, Lyn aims to channel her extensive coaching expertise to help female leaders rise to the next level in their executive career, with full confidence in their ability to influence and lead. Lyn also holds a BA in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in marketing from New York University.

Besides enjoying life in Boulder, Colorado, Lyn and her husband Rob can be found traveling off the beaten path, from the mountains of Colorado to dive destinations in Asia.  Lyn’s other passions can be viewed through the lens of her non-profit work, which includes serving on the boards of organizations that save coral reefs, provide social and emotional learning in schools, and bring the arts to the Boulder community.

What our clients say


“I have personally worked with Carol for over two decades. As a result of her many successful years in the business of people, Carol’s abilities in skills development are unparalleled. Carol’s insights have helped me build highly-effective organizations.”

CH, Former CEO & Board Member, Cherwell Software


“Working with Lyn over the past 3 years has been invaluable.  I have not only become a better leader but a better person. I could not have navigated the past 3 years without her counsel and support.”

KB, Director Outsourced Consulting Services, a Denver based nonprofit providing workforce services 


“Carol has provided tremendous support and clarity around the best paths for professional development. The way she approaches a challenge head-on is unmatched as is her ability to create unique solutions. She always has a fresh, interesting perspective and truly understands how who you are as a person impacts the way you approach growth in your professional life. I wouldn’t make a major career decision without consulting her first!”

RJ, Manager of Customer Success, Founder Shield 


Lyn has a talent for deep listening and seeing into the heart of the issue. She has been instrumental in helping me clarify my direction and unearth my obstacles. Her compassionate and direct observations helped me to open to my truth, honestly accept and witness my strengths, and take consistent action toward my goals. After coaching with Lyn, I was promoted into a new and challenging role, on a project that completely matches my passion and strengths. Lyn’s coaching was elemental to my increase in confidence, and that is what allowed me to be “seen” for this new job. I highly recommend her as a coach.

KK, Director of CSU Todos Santos, Colorado State University


Carol has a unique talent for helping to bring out the best in people she works with. She took the time to understand my strengths and how to best use them. Her experience is invaluable. I would recommend her highly.

JC, President, Oak Point Consulting


I’ve had coaching throughout my career and, until speaking with Carol, I had no idea what coaching really was. I wish I’d met her 10 years earlier in my career. I’d be 10 years further along.

JD, Group VP, Oracle Corporation


Lyn has been my personal business coach and has also coached our business team in group sessions over the past several years.  Besides being well trained, extremely intelligent, and intuitive, she is an amazing listener. Lyn has always been able to ask the most appropriate questions and follow up with a summary and potential actions. For me, this is invaluable as it always provokes situational analysis as well as deep introspection (both of which go toward achieving better leadership). Lyn has a large treasure chest of skills, tools, assessments, exercises, and ideas that are useful for any individual or team. I very much enjoy working with Lyn and highly recommend her. 

LZ, CEO of Applied Food Sciences, Inc


Expectations and Guarantee


Vertical Elevation guarantees your satisfaction during the length of the program. We will refund all payments made if you are unsatisfied, you have participated fully, and have met all expectations pursuant to this program, including but not limited to the following:

  • Attended scheduled meetings and coaching sessions;
  • Completed the weekly assignments and progress report;
  • Followed through with your accountability partner;
  • Completed all exercises assigned to you within the agreed timeframe

If you experience a problem, please notify us within 24 hours and be open to collaborating on a solution with us.