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Have you ever wondered why no job has felt like the right fit? Or why the satisfaction of a brand-new position quickly wears off, leaving you feeling disappointed, confused, and right back where you started?

You don’t have career problems. You have personal problems that are showing up in your career.

Vertical Elevation Vantage Point Career Coaching is a wake-up call to any employee or business owner who has ever felt purposeless in their search for a fulfilling career path.

What is Coaching?

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By blending expert guidance with a customized career map, we help our clients achieve clarity and confidence in the next steps of their business ventures.

Our team’s three decades of experience in talent equity, career strategy, and professional leadership coaching provides the insight needed to create individualized curriculum, planning, and analysis for every client, regardless of their goals or industry.

Before we start any coaching program, it’s crucial to ensure that our goals and expectations align with yours, and vice versa. That’s why we typically conduct two complimentary discovery calls. On these calls we’ll discuss your goals and what you’re looking to achieve through coaching. We’ll lay out our goals and expectations to see if they align and want to move forward. If we do, and you decide to participate in Vantage Point coaching, we’ll set up payment and schedule logistics. 

Then, the real work begins:

1. Start with strategy

We'll take a deep dive into your career history. Through this process, we review your professional development and identify patterns to better help formulate a path forward. Your professional resume and LinkedIn platform will have the opportunity to be restructured, along with creating a detailed list of job positions and titles you are interested in pursuing.


2. Develop an action plan

Here we begin to construct a plan of action derived from our conversations and
previous work. You’ll learn the most effective ways to grab the attention of companies you are interested in working for. By strategically sharing your resume and contacting recruiting businesses, you will learn how to increase the probability of being noticed by decision-makers and landing an interview.


3. Get on track to your dream career

In addition to learning how to negotiate the best offer possible, we will help you prepare for interviews and successfully complete your due diligence when considering the implications of a new position. Once you understand your options, you will be free to confidently take the next step into the career of your dreams.


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