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The Leadership Series

Our leadership series is a quarterly panel discussion where we talk about topics related to leadership, its importance, diversity in the workplace, and many other topics of interest to leaders who are committed to building and maintaining talent-centric organizations. They are always interesting, lively discussions and everyone learns a thing or two…or three.

The panel discussion typically takes place on the third Wednesday of the month at 4pm ET. If you’re not already registered for the series, you can do so on LinkedIn.

What is Coaching and How to Find a Qualified Coach?

9/29/22 – Panelists: Lynn Burke, Owner of The Summit Group; Audrey Sloofman, Leadership and Team Consultant at Create Exceptional Leaders; and Barbara Flood PhD, Primary Therapist at Rose House

Becoming a Talent-Centric Organization – with expert author Carol Schultz

7/20/22 – Join Tony Restell as he interviews our founder & CEO, Carol Schultz, on what it means to be a talent-centric organization and why this is important.

Mental Health in the Workplace and What Leaders Can Do to Enable the Process​

5/19/22 – Panelists: Annika Mitic, Head of content marketing at Burnalong, and Rob Swymer, Director of global field enablement, coaching, facilitation, and engagement at Splunk

Note: Rob was unable to connect to video, but is on audio loud and clear

How Today’s Leaders Are Striving To Improve Diversity & Inclusion

3/16/22 – Panelists: Vijay Pendakur, VP and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Zynga, and Treva Spencer, Manager, Talent Acquisition – Diversity at The Bountiful Company, a Nestle Health Science Company

Note: Treva had trouble with her camera and, unfortunately, wasn’t visible on the video

Developing Your Leaders as a Powerful Way of Retaining Staff

1/19/22 – Panelists: Joel Tealer, Chief Human Resources Officers at Global Benefits Group and Thespina Fletcher, Director of Customer Success at CloudHealth by VMware.

Women in Leadership

12/8/21 – Panelists: Jennifer Kenning, Founder & CEO of Align Impact, and Jim Barnish, Founder & Managing Partner of Orchid Black

Leadership Series
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