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Vertical Elevation Launches the Revolution in Talent Evolution

Vertical Elevation Redefines Recruitment Process Optimization and Personal Career Strategy

Denver, CO – May 19-2009- Vertical Elevation announced today a truly evolutionary approach to the process of identifying, training, analyzing and recruiting personal and corporate talent.

Carol Schultz, a 20 year recruiting industry veteran and CEO of Vertical Elevation, saw the need for a change in the way people go about finding the right career, and an equally dire need in the way corporations go about looking for employees.

Vertical Elevation provides a solution to the problem of a poorly focused search, recruitment and hiring apparatus serving a rapidly changing, global career landscape plagued by the elimination of entire industries. Vertical Elevation finds that the vast majority of people searching for a career follow a herd mentality and hope for the best possible outcome. Consequently, companies are forced to wade through resume after resume of individuals who are not the right fit but merely hoping to land anything. Vertical Elevation changes this paradigm by working with its clients to understand the landscape, identify the pitfalls and navigate a successful career path based on objectives and personal or corporate philosophy.

“As an executive recruiter, I’ve seen few changes in the way people look for  jobs and companies hire and fire. I’ve seen people blindly rely on technology, including the Internet, or on companies with massive databases of employees, and think that because they can distribute 50 resumes a day that this is going to increase the likelihood of finding the right career or even a job. This is absolutely false and counter-productive. I perceived a big hole in the process and launched Vertical Elevation, where we are filling the void by empowering job seekers through a process we call Vantage Point, where we clarify and specify goals as they relate to individual career strategy, and for corporations through a process we call Visibility, where we clarify and specify goals as they relate to finding the right talent.” Carol Schultz, CEO Vertical Elevation

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Carol Schultz

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