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    • As a business, you should be experiencing some very good momentum and working in an organization with a minimum of 15 permanent full-time employees and revenues of at least $7-10M. We’ll be talking about how you have grown and lead your business.
    • Come from a place of service with a commitment to make a difference. Take this time seriously because this is an opportunity for growth and impact.
    • Consider your company as having ‘purpose;’ and thoughtful in your vision, mission, and strategy.

Assuming you qualify above, we can’t wait to promote you to our super loyal fan base!

Interested in becoming a more effective podcast guest? Once you schedule and are accepted, I’ll share a three minute video to watch before your interview: (No catch here! Your success is our success.)

The video covers the following topics:

  1. Who are Authentically Successful listeners?
  2. How to look and sound great during the interview.
  3. The questions to expect.
  4. Answering questions.


Learn more about the creator of Authentically Successful, Carol Schultz.

Your Next Steps

1. Schedule the podcast preinterview call below.

2. The preinterview call will be via Zoom. The interview will be conducted on the podcasting platform

3. Once you’re accepted, and the interview is complete and processed, we’ll share all the assets, social media posts, and even video clips to promote if you’d like.

4. We promote you to our loyal fans on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Creator and Host,

Carol Schultz