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Let’s be honest. Does your recruiting and interview process provide quality information to candidates about the job, have a smooth process to upload/present a resume and provide candidates a clean, streamlined pre-interview process prior to even speaking to them? If the answer is “no” or “maybe” or “I don’t know” you need to read on.

How does your recruiting process leave candidates feeling?
Do your candidates feel this way?

NO Excuses

The fact that we’re in a lousy economy doesn’t give companies the green light to put candidates through a negative interview experience. If your attitude is one of “they need us more than we need them”, then you’ll get what you get and that won’t be a quality candidate. No good candidate will put up with being disrespected in any part of the recruiting process, and if they do they will probably stay with you only until they find a good job. Your recruiting process is a direct reflection on what it’s going to be like for them to work for you. It’s the first part of your brand they experience.

If you’re asking yourself how to change the process, you may be feeling that you have no real control over your process or that the executive team isn’t listening to you. It’s time to stop being an agent of management and become a consultant to your management. If your management doesn’t respect or listen you, talk to them. Make a request for an open conversation about you and the challenges you face. Provide them with a safe space in which to give you feedback without taking it personally. Find out what it is about the recruiting process that they don’t feel is working and how they will help you change it. Maybe there’s a disconnect somewhere that can be solved with a simple conversation. If you don’t know how to approach your management effectively, consult a coach or see about bringing in a management consultant. Do whatever you need to do to get a great process in place that reflects the corporate mission and strategies of your company. Your job, as you know it, will be transformed inside of this and your process will become something to be proud of.

Creator and Host,

Carol Schultz

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