We bring ease and efficiency to a process that can be extremely complicated and time-consuming.

VISIBILITY for Business

Vertical Elevation’s Recruitment Process Optimization solution solves the problem of bad hiring decisions and turnover by aligning talent strategy with business strategy.  It offers the best opportunity to improve corporate effectiveness, control costs and greatly increases an organization’s probability to make every hire the right hire.  We help you build, deploy, scale and optimize your talent acquisition organization, a process that is effective in both small and large companies.  Though the process saves large companies millions, it is critical for startups and small companies who literally can’t afford to make a “bad” hire.

Talent is a company’s most valuable and costly asset, and the optimization of that talent is critical to ensuring corporate performance and profitability. The most progressive, proactive CEOs understand that it is the people throughout their organizations who are responsible for ensuring success. They are taking a thoughtful approach to arming themselves with the new skills necessary to create healthy, profitable companies.

We place special focus on your sales organization as this is the only direct source or revenue for your company.  Lacking a quality sales organization will keep you from realizing your company’s true revenue potential.  A loss in a top salesperson or making the wrong hire can cost your company up to two million dollars.

We understand that making change in your organization takes time and we are sensitive to this when approaching solutions to your problems. Each project we take on is designed strategically based on your needs.  There are no “cookie cutter” solutions at Vertical Elevation: only our commitment is to providing you the expertise to prevent/solve talent problems.

VANTAGE POINT for Executives

Vertical Elevation’s Executive Coaching/Advising solution is a first of its kind process that helps executives create and manage their optimal career path, improve their overall leadership skills, and build effective teams.

When it comes to career, we teach and guide individuals how to best identify, refine and optimize their personal talent and integrate that with the best possible career option. Regardless of your current level or where you’re headed, it is imperative to take a comprehensive approach to your career to ensure you make the best career choices that ultimately lead to the right job and the best financial package for you.  Searching for a new job or career is not about a resume, interview, networking abilities, etc; we utilize a proprietary multistep approach and walk through it side by side with you carefully, thoughtfully, and strategically.

When it comes to leadership skills, we take a wide and deep approach to assess your skills and abilities and how they affect your performance and the performance of your team. One of the most common reasons employees leave companies is because of their management; by improving your performance and communication skills you will have a higher probability of keeping the people you want,  which relates directly to revenue.

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