Our process-driven approach recruits leaders who will build upon our excellent reputation.

Vertical Elevation has designed its Recruitment Process Optimization practice, Visibility, to ensure that when our client is recruiting its future employees they are performing with the same excellence and precision they do when marketing and delivering their products and services.  The process focuses on ensuring that talent strategy is in direct alignment to business strategy.

The Current Recruiting Quagmire

Currently, the recruiting process is hit or miss and too focused on the search rather than on the entire process as a whole. We have found our clients are often frustrated with the lack of control they have over how their company is portrayed or how their candidates are treated by recruiters who typically employ a shot-gun approach to find candidates.

Vertical Elevation changes this paradigm through Visibility, an analysis of your benchmarks, recruiting methods, and hiring process, both past and current.

Through Visibility, Vertical Elevation will recommend and implement changes in your recruiting process that will optimize the quality of your candidates and reduce the costs associated with hiring and retaining candidates who have the right skill-set, cultural fit, and corporate vision.

Vertical Elevation performs its recruiting analysis using a proprietary formula to determine your company’s SHROI (successful hire return on investment). This formula analyzes the cost of recruiting and hiring a candidate and compares that cost against benchmarks for success that exist within your organization or are developed cooperatively by Vertical Elevation and the Client as the initial stage of Visibility.

Once we have established the benchmarks we will determine your past SHROI, an analysis of effective and ineffective strategies, and ultimately provide recommendations for best practices moving forward and create a roadmap detailing executable strategies. If our recommendations warrant change in the recruiting process, Vertical Elevation will implement the changes and perform the recruiting in concert with the client. We believe this creates a symbiotic relationship as it provides each with the confidence and peace-of mind needed to perform as a well-functioning team.

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