Coaching will help you have massive impact by BEING the person who creates massive impact.


Vertical Elevation’s executive coaching solution is a first of its kind process that helps executives create and manage their optimal career path, improve their overall leadership skills, and build effective teams. We take advantage of our unique ability to ascertain essential information from clients and translate this understanding into the best use of the client’s skill set and leadership qualities.

We offer both individual and group coaching but recommend a blend of both.

Individual coaching is beneficial for the leader who wants to dive deep into mindset and performance coaching or for leaders who aren’t yet comfortable working in a group setting.

Group coaching allows executives to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals to network, mastermind, and support each other in elevating their businesses and selves. It’s about the connection, communication, and community that comes from not just the coach interacting with individuals, but group members interacting with each other, creating a true network. And one of the key ingredients to success is Accountability! This type of group process is the instrument to accomplish the goals and objectives of an individual more quickly than individual coaching. It’s where the magic happens. 

When it comes to your leadership skills and the leadership skills of your team, we take a wide and deep approach to assess your skills and abilities and how they affect your performance and the performance of your team. One of the most common reasons employees leave companies is because of their management and improper cultural fit; by improving your performance and communication skills you will have a higher probability of keeping the people you want, directly impacting revenue.

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