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InsurTech is an exciting industry emerging across the globe. It effectively uses innovation and technology to transform the current insurance model into one with higher efficiency. The insurance industry is on the precipice of major change. At the convergence of cutting-edge technology and creative problem-solving, a new phase of growth and cost-savings is emerging. From state-of-the-art software applications and CAT models to direct-to-consumer solutions, the industry is ripe for change.

At Vertical Elevation, we use our deep industry expertise and extensive recruiting knowledge to help companies ranging from start-ups to global organizations grow and succeed. We place top professionals into c-suite positions, VP of Sales, and Chief Sales Officer. We also place a variety of other management positions and select individual contributors.

In the InsurTech industry, top professionals know they can make money while making a positive difference in the world.

What are the 5 Questions Insurtech Startups Need To Ask To Succeed?

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Increase Profits and Gain a Competitive Edge

Talent is your organization’s most valuable and costly asset, and the optimization of that talent is critical to ensuring corporate performance and profitability. We help executives take a thoughtful approach to their organizations with the new skills necessary to create profitable and sustainable companies. Our recruiters align your talent strategy to support your business goals. We can help you clarify goals, achieve talent objectives, and determine what is necessary for sustainability and success. Our approaches are unique, pragmatic, and results-oriented.

Providing a Strategic Perspective for Today’s Economy

In today’s changing economic climate, there is one constant: talent is essential to business success. We combine the best of executive recruiting and process management to ensure that your organization is prepared to address the critical talent needs that drive performance. Whether you are a startup looking to gain a competitive advantage or fix a troubled talent strategy, we can help ensure that your talent acquisition strategy meets your business needs.

Performance Leadership

Whether you’re a Chief Sales Officer, Executive Vice President, or Vice President of Sales you may struggle with coaching and training underperformers. We specialize in solving this problem for high tech companies. By putting in place a process tailored to your organization’s structure, culture, revenue goals, and management experience we are able to solve this problem. We interview each manager and determine where we see the gaps in their experience and create a new interview process with pre-scripted questions for managers that will drive interview discussions and provide content that we’ll ask your managers to document. We extract this information and put it against our competency model which provides a weighted recommendation based on the results. Working with your management team to implement this across the enterprise, we establish a sales strategy hiring process that is second to none.